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Locksmiths Services Washington DC is affiliated with commercial clients in Washington and the neighboring communities. Over the years, we've earned a great reputation, developed wonderful relationships and established trust. Basically by providing our commercial clients with a wide choice of locksmith services and expert advice. To ensure that you're able to remain open for business, Locksmiths Services Washington DC will arrive at your facility in one of our fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles loaded with the best tools. 

Our locksmiths have been fully trained and are able to assist small business owners, key corporate leaders and any upper level locksmith security personnel figure out what their specific needs are.   Our staff can also design a thoroughly – well thought out, customized security networking system and render services to businesses such as:

  • Business centers
  • Community care centers
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Finance firms /BanksLocksmiths Services Washington DC Washington, DC 202-715-1350
  • IT companies
  • Medical care centers
  • Multinational firms
  • Office spaces
  • Parking space
  • Residential apartments
  • Resorts / Hotels / Motels 
  • Restaurants 
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools/ Universities
  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets

As Locksmiths Services Washington DC’s staff work in the field on a regular basis, we also acquire ongoing experience as we evaluate different commercial lock & locksmith security issues. We can also help high level security personnel with sensitive security related decisions as it relates to limiting access to unauthorized individuals.  In doing so, we can also point out the advantages of having a keyway system that is not only all exclusive, but that also allows key security staff to act as an overseer of each staff member’s access level.

Locksmiths Services Washington DC also has an expertise in the area of creating master key systems, which only allows specific staff members within your company to be exposed to sensitive offices in the workplace.

The plan will also allow lower management staff members to perform their job functions as normal without gaining access to the limited parts of the office.  Plans can also be modified or customized to accommodate each door in the company, consisting of a combination of sub keys and master keys – normally in as little as in one business day.

One of our most requested systems is the digital lock system, which completely replaces the conventional lock and key system by using an access code capable of deactivating or activating per management’s request.

Commercial clients within Washington use our state of the art, advanced security systems known for reducing vandalism and unauthorized access.  Local officials and authorities are highly responsive and when working in conjunction with our high-security lock systems. Our wide range of lock selections allows clients choose between as many layers of security as needed, which provides peace of mind.


Here at Locksmiths Services Washington DC we also provide the following lock & locksmith commercial services.

  • Broken or damaged lock repairs or replacements
  • Creating sophisticated high-security keys
  • Digital locks programming and installation
  • Durable locks for safes/ file cabinets
  • Emergency exit panic locks and push bars installation
  • Identification of loopholes in current security setup
  • Implementation of restricted keyway systems 
  • Setting up sturdy high-security locks
  • Powerful magnetic locks installation
  • Strong deadbolts for offices
  • Master and sub-master keys 
  • Advanced locking solutions for complete security
  • New key crafting and key duplication services
  • Number keypad locks
  • Provision for locksmith services on-the-spot
  • Rapid response to commercial lockout situations
  • Rekeying locks in business premises
  • Unlock services for locked office doors, file cabinets, safes etc
  • Upgrades for inefficient locks